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The new dimension of consulting

About us

THEOS Engagement

THEOS Consulting AG was founded in 2012 with the objective of bringing the integral approach into the corporate world. All associates have made comprehensive experiences for many years (together more than 200 years), and through cross-linking our competences and the connection of economic science to practical exercise we provide unique business consulting services for companies on their way to long-lasting success. Our THEOS academy offers integral certification programs, management trainings and coaching.

We have a holistic view of life and respect man, nature and environment in all our actions.

Mahatma Gandhi’s statement “Be the change you want to see in the world” leads our actions.

We support partnerships and different social projects. In order to contribute to the fulfillment of  the german junior chamber’s vision of a „wonderful world“, we educate members of the chamber to be representatives for an „economy for men“.

We contribute honorarily to the following projects:

  • Wertekommission

    „Leading Change: Values as driver of transformation in changing times“ – that was the topic of the 28th ‘Werteforum’ of read more

  • Wertequadrat

    The WerteQuadrat campaigns for Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility and stands for an economy that serves the people. Find read more

THEOS Consulting AG also supports the following projects:

  • THEOS Consulting AG supports the project “STARTKLAR”

    The project STARTKLAR – be your own guide of life from the beginning – accompanies young people on their way read more

  • Lebensfluss e.V.

    The association ‘Lebensfluss e.V.’ campaigns for the improvement of the health of body, mind and soul for people of all read more

  • Partner project blog “Tabu Anna”

    In his script “The anima” the Old Greek philosopher Aristotle described the animate to be the ensouled and put man read more

  • Let’s build nests

    The association “Let’s build nests” (german: “Lasset uns Nester bauen”) invites you to develop a comprehensive understanding of induced abortion. read more

  • GEKO – non-profit association for development aid and cooperation

    We support GEKO, the non-profit association for development aid and cooperation that has been founded in 1990 by Heinrich Reents. The association is looking read more