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19. Nov 2020 | English Content


The accredited certification program for business management consultants is based on recent scientific findings and standards.

THEOS Academy offers you a dual education system that ends with the licensing and certificate of quality and value of THEOS Academy.
Our concept corresponds to the international guidelines of Corporate Social Responsibility. We connect economics with business psychology and the approaches of the depth and developmental psychology. The integral approach considers the individual and the company being an entity that is situated in a constant interdependent developmental process. Our program is based on our integral company and personnel development concept ‚business-and-spirit‘. All mediated modules contain all tools that are needed to advise and accompany a company in its complexity.


We need a pause to think. As the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, wrote in a guest comment in ‘Handelsblatt’ (2011/01/26):

„We will only be able to create a positive future if we have a global community spirit. It is essential that decision makers find common values in order to get along in our new reality. Like a compass needle, values lead the way in an otherwise confusing world without formal structures on the global scale. Shared values will make it easier for these decision makers to place the common weal above the separating individual interests. Current efforts to shift the global system according to the new reality are meaningless without shared values. And shared values also serve the development of a vision for the future.“ (author’s translation)

The accredited certification program for business management consultants takes 12 months.

More information about “The integral approach – new thinking and acting” can be found here.


Participants need to be qualified as Master of Business Sciences or equivalent and have to be a certified Integral Coach and Consultant or equivalent. We also require longtime leadership experience.
The certification program for integral business management consultants ends with the certification by our academy. We are looking forward to your application!

Theresia Maria Wuttke

Board of Management at Theos Consulting AG, Banker, educator, depth psychologist, meditation teacher – Zen, author, business management coach and consultant, teaching and master coach, family and health coach and youth coach.

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